Installing TensorFlow

TensorFlow is great for creating machine learning solutions. The process of installing it is relatively straightforward:

Step 1: Make sure you have Anaconda installed. If not, go to: Installing Anaconda

Step 2: Installing TensorFlow. Initiate the Anaconda prompt (search for “Anaconda”, you should see the program as well as “Anaconda Prompt”).  After initiating the DOS prompt, follow the instructions here.

That’s it! Now you have an environment ‘tensorflow_env’ installed within Anaconda. You can see it by opening the Anaconda program and changing the environment to ‘tensorflow_env’. Then install JupyterLab in this environment, and open JupyterLab. You can download a sample tensorflow python notebook here (see the download notebook link). Then open it with JypyterLab and execute on the cells.

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