Installing Anaconda

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In this post you will: Install Anaconda [~10 minutes] Getting Started with Anaconda Navigator [~3 minutes] Running Ordinary Linear Least Squares (OLS) Regression with Python [~3 minutes] Anaconda is one of the fastest ways to install Python, R, Jupyter etc. It is essentially a software manager that will install and help you organize your data […]

Installing Julia Language

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In this post you will: Install Julia [will take approx. 10 minutes] Instantiate the Julia kernel from within a Jupyter notebook (using Anaconda Navigator + Jupyter Lab) [~3 minutes] Run Ordinary Least Squares Regression [~5 minutes] Prerequisites: The following posts may be good to review before this one: Installing Anaconda Julia is an exciting new(ish) computer […]

Blueprinting & Prototyping

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The concepts that I am referring to as blueprinting and prototype are hardly deserving of such fancy titles. And what I am about to write hardly deserves it’s own post. Yet these incredibly simple, yet powerful, concepts deserve any coder’s attention. Blueprinting Before you write any code, spend some time describing a blueprint of what you want […]

Installing AiXQL

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The following video shows how you can install the AiXQL database & associated scripts. The AiXQL database is the central repository containing all AiXQL stored procedures. Over time, I aim to include original algorithms as well as heuristic adaptations of other common algorithms written in SQL language for my readers to practice their predictive modeling […]

AiXQL: Neural Networks

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Neural Networks are a very important class of machine learning algorithms. These days machine learning or artificial intelligence is fairly mainstream (e.g. intelligent cars, facial recognition, etc.). Whenever you hear about artificial intelligence in the media, there is a good chance that neural networks are behind that intelligence. Neural Nets is also the first class […]