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The ebook Predictive Modeling – Principles & Practice, is accompanied by a powerful set of algorithms written in SQL. The AiXQL algorithm contains original algorithms that I have written as well as heuristic adaptations of existing techniques. My plan is to continuously update and upgrade AiXQL. In order to get up and running with AiXQL, please see the following posts:

  1. Installing AiXQL
  2. A Neural Network Exercise using AiXQL

The AiXQL package is available to download using the link below.

Learning to manage data is crucial if you are to learn predictive modeling. Microsoft SQL Server & Management Studio are one of the best tools to manage data in my experience. In fact, AiXQL is written for MS SQL. In order to install AiXQL, you need to have MS SQL & Management Studio set up on your PC. The good news is that a limited but powerful version of these impressive tools is available for free. See the following post that touches upon the installation: Installing MS SQL & Management Studio.

Size: 740 kb
Version: 20181230
Published: December 30, 2018