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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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A Resource for the Professional Predictive Modeler.

The Book

This website presents the ebook, Predictive Modeling - Principles & Practice, written by Syed Muzayan Mehmud. This book aims to be a resource for a predictive modeling practitioner. It contains original as well as carefully selected and constantly curated concepts regarding the principles and practice of predictive modeling.

Interest in predictive modeling has grown in recent years, so much so that we have multiple buzz words describing similar concepts. Data mining, business intelligence, pattern recognition, etc. all purport to address a general class of problem in principle, however in practice predictive modeling has still not evolved beyond its somewhat parochial programming roots. Predictive modeling is not all about programming. It is the science and art of distilling data and related information into actionable insight and requires a disciplined, rigorous and comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

A motivation for writing this book was to disassociate the practice of predictive modeling with specific syntax, algorithms, or software, and to provide integrated principles and practical knowledge necessary to produce high quality analytics. This book is perhaps most useful for those starting out on the journey of predictive modeling, but will also benefit as a reference and resource for the more experienced practitioners.


The Applications

An application brings together all the components of predictive modeling into one package. The usefulness of this package depends, among many things, on design. A good design means that an application is transparent, as simple as possible, efficient, adaptive, fail-safe, scalable, with well-defined performance metrics, and an uncompromising delivery of a great user experience.


The Algorithms

Algorithms are at the heart of the practice of predictive modeling. The algorithm's relevance, performance, transparency/communicability, cost etc. all factor into the quality of the model that is created and its usefulness. This chapter presents information on available algorithms, along with practical guidance on implementation and use.


Featured Application

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