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Welcome to the home of my e-book Predictive Modeling - Principles & Practice

My aim with this book is to help new and experienced modelers learn powerful skills quickly. There is a lot of information out there on predictive modeling1Alternative names are: data science, machine learning, Ai, etc.. And that is wonderful, but also overwhelming. Whether you are new to this field or an expert, in the pages of this book you will find a curated path to learning new skills and improving old ones.

I have been working on this book for many years. When I started I wanted to publish a book on papyrus paper. Then it became a digital download. Finally now & to keep up with the times, I will be slow-releasing pages from my book as a series of posts, downloadable code, and how-to videos.

I believe that one does not need to spend years in culinary school in order to make a great meal. All you need is a great recipe. Bon appétite!

I recommend starting here.

- Syed Mehmud

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