=== Coming Soon ===

AutoPredict is a revolutionary expert system that implements best-in-class algorithms and methods automatically. All you need to do, is point to your data and let AutoPredict do the rest!

Key Features:

  1. Automatic data pre-processing and variable building
  2. Automatic variable selection
  3. Automatic winnowing of candidate predictive models and application
  4. Privacy by design. No data sharing, AutoPredict runs locally on your machine.
  5. Best in class library of algorithms
  6. A stand-alone piece of software. No more tinkering with pip installs, libraries etc. and getting random errors
  7. Constantly updated with the latest algorithms and heuristics
  8. Able to handle very large datasets
  9. Easy to use and lightweight. Do not have to deal with massive storage issues associated with repositories, packages, versioning issues, etc. 

If you’d like to know when AutoPredict becomes available, you can subscribe to the site.