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The three levels of subscription to the e-book Predictive Modeler - Principles & Practice are presented below. I recommend that you explore the content on this site without a paid subscription first, and then upgrade once you see enough value for yourself.

This site is currently in beta, and most of the ebook is not yet online. Given that, the subscription is discounted. You are my test audience and I would love your feedback on how to make the ebook better. You can give feedback even on the free plan, or you may sign up to lock-in your subscription at the discounted price below.


Limited Access to E-Book

Limited code/script downloads

Process up to 1,000 rows in AiXQL

For Individual Use

No registration/login necessary


Full Access to E-Book for All Employees

Unlimited code/script downloads

Process Unlimited Rows in AiXQL

Organizational use

Access to Priority Mailbox