German Engineering

Take in the deliciousness of this picture of a chocolate from the deutschlands. I am talking about the design of the chocolate bar of course (although the chocolate itself is also sehr gut!). While most other chocolate bars involve a battle involving your opposable thumbs and the thick tensile strength of  cacao hard-set in dairy, cracking and spitting smearable crumbs – this is different.

The design spares the user pain by already segmenting the chocolate into neat little bite-sized squares. I am delighted by my purchase, even before I have eaten anything!

Great design is around us, and also poor design. Both offer valuable lessons to you, as a predictive modeler. Delight the user even before they get the results of the modeling. Do something unexpected in the design of your solution that makes it easier, faster, or more convenient for the user to consume your work.

The effectiveness of a solution goes beyond performance. Many times I have opted against a more complex solution in favor of one that was simpler. I understood that I am not merely a consumer of a solution. I am that, and much more. I am human. Yes, I need to create a predictive model today, in the next 30 minutes. I have tennis in the afternoon and then a date with my wife. I don’t have time for a learning curve, and would much rather have a solution that just works, than one that works better if I spent time massaging it. I don’t serve your solution, your solution needs to serve me – the user.

Chocolate squares that are pre-cut in the perfect size 🙂

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