Installing RStudio

In this post you will:

  1. Install RStudio (~5 minutes)
  2. Running Ordinary Linear Least Squares (OLS) Regression with R (~5 minutes)
  3. Prerequisites: The following posts may be good to review before this one:
    1. Installing Anaconda

Step 1: Install RStudio

RStudio can be installed from within Anaconda. See the video below for a quick review of this install.


Good stuff, now you have R! (Now imagine saying it like a pirate!)

Step 2: Basic OLS Exercise using RStudio

In the video below we through a basic Ordinary Least-Squares Regression (OLS) exercise using R within RStudio environment. The exercise uses a small script and a dataset, both of which you can download below.

Download Basic OLS in R Exercise


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