The Notion of Predictability

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This book and whole professions (e.g. actuaries, predictive modelers, data scientists, economists, etc.) hinge on the assumption that the future can be predicted to some degree. But can it? The Newtonian revolution reinforced not only physical, but a causal determinism about our reality. The past and the future are inextricably linked. We can predict the […]

What is a model?

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A model in the context of predictive modeling is simply some useful mathematical abstraction of reality. A model should be (a lot) less complex than the reality it is intended to represent. This might seem obvious, but with ever increasing computation at our finger tips we need to carefully assess the relative complexity of our […]

Quantum Computing

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Something exciting is happening in the world of computing. And the excitement couldn’t come soon enough for those grieving the demise of Moore’s Law. Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, observed that the number of transistors in dense integrated circuit doubles every two years. For the last fifty years, advancements in computing have […]


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My goal in this ebook is to get you most of the way towards creating powerful predictive models in a very short span of time, regardless of your prior experience! Features that make this book valuable There are many great resources, in print or on-line, for learning about Predictive Modeling. The following ideas make this […]

Blueprinting & Prototyping

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The concepts that I am referring to as¬†blueprinting and¬†prototype are hardly deserving of such fancy titles. And what I am about to write hardly deserves it’s own post. Yet these incredibly simple, yet powerful, concepts deserve any coder’s attention. Blueprinting Before you write any code, spend some time describing a blueprint of what you want […]